Things change. At the heart of change, lies opportunity.

About Us

We’ve seen what happens to businesses that embrace change. And we like working with them to master it.

Our Founder and Director, Josephine Otimi, leads a team of inventive advisory, recruitment and coaching specialists, with decades of combined global experience, well-versed in her understanding of the discipline of change. Together, we have transformed some of Adelaide’s most influential businesses. And we’re keen to speak to you about yours.

We are forging new ground with a resolute belief in the skills and discipline required to imagine, mobilise and embed change in organisations, to realise growth, and fulfil their commercial potential.

Business Capabilities

Every company has their fields of specialty; we are no exception:

Change Design and Architecture

Change Design – the ultimate suite of strategist skills. Our team of consultants work to gain understanding and clearly define a strategic problem that your organisation faces, framing it as a question, and brainstorming possibilities to solve it.

Change Production

Change Production is looking at your organisational strategy with an arial view. Where pure project management focuses on executing a series of pre-defined tasks, change production takes into account the broader picture – considering the what and why, to determine the when and how. Every organisation requires a bespoke approach, the ramifications of every move can often make widespread ripple impact in other projects/departments – change production sees and adjusts to these effects in real time.

Change Management

Change Management is all about people. Holding the responsiblity for identifying, implementing, and embedding changes to processes, systems, and technology to enable an organisation to grow or undergo a significant change – all through our Evolve human-centric lens, that puts people first.

Change Analysis

Change Analysis is all about the details. Working alongside stakeholders, providing stakeholder analysis as well as change delivery outcomes, we dissect and examine process and outcomes. We work in areas of communications development, identifying change impacts, implementation activities, and coordinating readiness assessments, all with the goal of motivating success at each stage in the lifecycle of business change.

Our Ethos

There are tangible benefits seen when organisations value their most important asset; their people.

Approaching strategic goals and business operations through the lens of an understanding of your company culture and your teams approach to business execution all ensures a company will thrive into the future. We’ve mastered the skills and disciplines required to imagine, mobilise and embed these changes with an innovative delivery system that works.

Our processes and methods are tried and tested, yet each pathway is tailored to suit your organisations unique goals and circumstances. Our goal as a trusted advisor and partner is to equip organisations with the knowledge, mindset, support and leadership required to keep up with the rapid pace of change today.

Our Team

  • Josephine

    Founder and CEO
    Business Architect and Change Designer of 20 years, Josephine Otimi is the founder of Evolve MGMT Co. She is renowned as a seasoned transformation specialist and respected for her ability to guide organisations with her innovative long-range business planning techniques. Josephine has drawn on her global experience to build a highly specialised team who design, lead and deliver all aspects of business change across any industry, at any organisation size. She has an extensive background in mentoring senior leaders and change professionals to design and implement their internal change programs, and has a passion for connecting leaders with their ability to affect authentic and lasting change.
  • Sonja

    Manager – Brand, Partnerships & Events
    Sonja brings 16 years of brand leadership and business development experience to the Evolve team. Her skill set encompasses all aspects of brand identity and creative development, combined with project and people management skills. As a previous business owner and in-house Brand Manager, her broad professional background means she is well versed in the challenges of business building and sustainability, and the impacts on those in the organisation.
  • Joel

    Change Consultant
    Joel brings two decades of experience in Organisational Design and Development, on projects large and small, at a national and international level. He has led projects in Learning and Development, Workforce Planning, and Organisational Design and Change. His key area of expertise is the design of strategic and significant change. He has an MBA, a Bachelor of Psychology, and qualifications in project management and financial services. He is excited to work with people who are at the front of the field in technique and methodology.
  • Emma

    Change Consultant
    Emma has extensive experience across production and project management. For 20 years she has worked for production and agencies in Australia and England. She produces and leads operational, technological and customer-centric solutions. She combines her high-level technical expertise with her understanding that bringing out the best in people drives the most memorable performances.
  • Lucky

    Change Consultant
    With a strong background in written communications, Lucky has the ability to identify, understand and bring clarity to stakeholder groups. Her diverse experience in change analysis and team management, supported by her MBA and degree in IT and Computer Science, has given her the ability to understand the impact of change on teams and projects and identify how to address them.
  • Gerrard

    Manager - Change Centre Operations
    Gerrard's diverse career has well prepared him for leading the development of The Evolve Change Centre. He has 6 years' experience in business operations and complex logistics management. His background in mining, small business management and entrepreneurship, has refined broad skills covering customer service, logistics, project management, culture management and business operations.
  • John-Paul

    Manager – Recruitment Services
    John-Paul is an experienced Recruitment Consultant with a demonstrated history of working with companies and their management teams from across multiple industries. A reputation for going above and beyond for his customers, he believes the power of relationships it vital to connecting the right talent to the right culture.