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Our Work

We’ve seen dynamic transformation in organisations across all sectors. Our team of innovative consultants look to provide strategic partnership throughout the lifecycle of business change across Australia.

We are proud to share a snapshot from many stories of transformational success.



$140 Million Venture Turnaround

Evolve were invited to consult on a joint venture project involving three organisations on a Government contract, worth more than $140M. The project was not reaching targets because the three organisations had their reporting structures, and the cultures were not syncing with each other. The project was at risk of failure. Evolve was tasked to work with the 200 people involved to create efficiency between the 3 teams and enable the project to be renewed for a further 5 years.

Evolve lead the group of mostly engineers with a bespoke, and ultimately award-winning approach, to align management systems, culture and structures. We designed a transition plan to embed operational changes and administered a large training event designed to outline job roles, reporting lines and the overarching goals of the venture. In particular, we created a large gamified event called “The Battle” which went on to win an AITD Excellence Award for its use of gamification techniques. The venture transition was highly successful and met the goal of securing a further five-year contract renewal.

Change Design Advisory in Banking Services 

Our client identified an opportunity to expand their product line for business customers. They undertook a product and service review, and found a need to rethink their products, further innovate their business products and restructure the organisation to suit. Evolve was brought in as change management advisors, to work alongside senior management and design teams. We consulted on the impact of changes they were designing—both to consumers and to the organisation—and acted as advisors to those implementing the changes.

This resulted in the development of an exciting suite of new products aimed at SMEs, and a smooth roll-out of structural changes to suit. Business Account management structures were reworked, locations were adjusted, and more convenient communication facilities for customers were introduced. Through our experience in change design, change management and coaching, we assisted our client to increase their profitability through empathetic, insightful change design, while also developing the change management capabilities of their leaders.

Recruitment for Senior Change Manager

Our client (a large company with more than 2,000 staff) was looking to hire a high-calibre, innovation-led Change Manager. Because of our knowledge of change management requirements, Evolve was approached to present a shortlist of candidates, each of whom would ensure growth within the change management team.

Instead of recruiting publicly for the role, we drew from our high-quality database. We presented six highly suitable candidates, all unique in their professional experience, but grounded in technology-led change methods. We coordinated the entire process from beginning to end; initial candidate reviews and liaison, interviews, internal review processes post-interview, salary advice and notifying candidates throughout the process. Our support continued up until the three-month anniversary to ensure a smooth transition for candidates and organisation alike. Ultimately, our client decided to hire two full-time consultants from the high-quality pool we supplied.

Culture Shift Requires Large Scale Team Coaching

Our Government agency client approached us when their 300-member team submitted internal surveys which revealed a high level of staff dissatisfaction. Compared to past surveys, they observed a stagnation in cultural growth which needed to be improved. The survey registered staff dissatisfaction without providing insights to determine why, inhibiting their ability to create real change and improve team productivity and satisfaction.

Evolve was engaged to conduct an investigation into staff morale. We conducted multiple focus groups, analysed the macro and micro issues within the organisation, collated all relevant data into a clear format and presented a report and diagnosis to the Executive team. We devised a roadmap to address staff concerns, and we then partnered with team leaders, coaching them as they administered the recommended changes. Before the project was even complete, staff reported an improvement in morale simply from being part of an investigation in which their voices were heard.

Change Specialist Coaching

Our client, an organisation with more than 6,000 employees, engaged us to up-skill a senior staff member. After a long career with the company, they saw the need to transition the employee into a new change management role which was a better fit for them and the organisation. In order to undertake the position, the individual needed to elevate their skills and knowledge, so Evolve were engaged to utilise our change management expertise to coach them in the requirements of a Change Manager role.

We devised a bespoke, 12-week program, with a view to a successful transition from one role to another, enabling them to perform at a high level in quick time. Our sessions took practical elements from the employee’s current projects, using them as a platform for high-calibre mentoring and guidance. We conducted rigorous weekly reviews with feedback and homework, engaging them in the practical elements of their work and developing an elevated mindset to enable them to thrive in their new role. The organisation was thrilled with the staff member’s performance, and the employee was empowered to take on a new career direction with skill and confidence.